We’re seeking previously unpublished, standalone novellas not tied to any of the author’s existing work (characters, towns, etc.). Bring something fresh and new.

knife png    GENRES: Extreme horror, erotic horror, splatterpunk, bizarro, black comedy, TEOTWAWKI.

Absolutely no zombies. For crying out fucking loud, no zombies. We’re more afraid of Dennis Rodman’s potentially disease-ridden cock than we are of shambling, mindless undead fucks. And we already have enough vampires within Plumfukt Press, so no bloodsuckers either.

knife png  SUBJECT MATTER: No holds barred.

Read that again.

We’re not looking for glorification of touchier subjects, of course, but give us gory action and filth and cursing and monsters (human or other). Dig deep into that demented imagination of yours and make us wish we believed in God. Write something so disgusting and disturbing that we have to rinse our mouth of bile every few sentences.

Just be certain every scene, sexual thrust, drop of blood, or profanity fuels the story and the terror.

knife png  LENGTH: We’re leaning toward the upper word count for novellas (40,000), but anything 20,000 – 40,000 words is acceptable.

knife png  MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: No. (To clarify, you may submit both a novella and a collection, but not multiple of either.)

knife png  REPRINTS: No. 

knife png  SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: Yes. It’s only fair that you’re able to cast your net while we ride out the submission deadline and deliberate. Please let us know if it’s accepted elsewhere, though.


-Exclusive worldwide English-language electronic and print (paperback) rights for 2 years from publication

-Non-exclusive audio, hardcover, and translation rights

-$250 signing bonus (i.e., not an advance against royalties), payable upon receipt of signed contract

-50% royalties

-5 paperback author copies, to be shipped within 30 days of publication

-ebook copy in desired format(s) delivered within 30 days of publication

knife png  ADDITIONAL CAVEATS knife png 

Aside from anthologies, we don’t include forewords, introductions, or the like in any body of work (dedications and bios go in the rear). Why? Because we like to get to the damn story, and we believe our readers want the same. Typical front matter, a quick logo page, a ToC if necessary, generic content warning, and the story begins. Nice and simple.

Our formatting style is easy and plain, and purposely so. Extravagant drop caps and chapter headers and whatnot just ain’t our bag. We feel all that detracts from the true purpose of a book or story. (We do print in larger font sizes and on cream-colored paper, though. Easier on the eyeballs.)

We’re keen to UK English, but accepted work will be edited to American English spelling and punctuation (using the Chicago Manual of Style).

Quality is of utmost importance at Plumfukt Press. We’re here to ensure your work shines. Basic proofreading, developmental—we tackle it all. Polish that sucker up before sending it in to both hook us into the story and to lessen the potential future editing pain.

Please read the following manuscript guidelines carefully before submitting.

-No names/bylines on the manuscript, please! We’re aiming for a blind process.

-Do not include a Table of Contents, headers, footers, or page numbers.

-For the manuscript attachment (.doc or .docx only), standard formatting: no fancy fonts, colors, or sizes, at least 1.5 line spacing, auto-indents instead of tabs, use italics for italics, etc.

-Please use three centered asterisks for POV and scene breaks.


If you’re ready to submit, please fill out the form below and attach your manuscript. (If you can use a more ambiguous email address that doesn’t include your name, all the better.)

You’ll receive an immediate response acknowledging receipt of your submission. If you do not receive said response within 48 hours of submitting, please email  with “SUBMISSION INQUIRY” in the subject line.

Good luck, sicko!