About Plumfukt Press

Plumfukt Press is a micro press, single member LLC. “We/our/us” currently refers to the goofy bastard mentioned below and his multiple personalities, and Plumfukt Press is kicking off as a self-publishing venture. However, we aim to expand in the coming years. (In 2021, we intend to open submission calls for an anthology and possibly novellas/novels, for example.)

Plumfukt Press was founded in 2020 by Jonathan Edward Ondrashek with the purposes of providing high-quality horror/dark fantasy and a wide array of professional editing services. Though horror is our specialty, we’ll edit pretty much any topic or genre, including AP-style articles, dissertations, and more.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen too much censorship in the horror realm. We’ve also noticed many authors, publishers, reviewers, and other businesses posting on social media haphazardly, potentially turning away would-be consumers due to editing oversights. That’s why Plumfukt Press exists: to assault your senses, push boundaries, and tidy up your word vomit.

Founder/Editor in Chief

Jonathan Edward Ondrashek is a horror/dark fantasy writer and editor who hisses and screeches at sunlight. He’s the author of The Human-Undead War trilogy (Dark Intentions, Patriarch, and A Kingdom’s Fall). His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including the highly acclaimed VS: US vs UK Horror series, Nothing’s Sacred Volume 5, and It Came From the Garage!, which featured Stephen King and Guy N. Smith, among others. He also co-edited Deranged, F*ck the Rules, What Goes Around, and Man Behind the Mask, boundary-pushing anthologies featuring work from established and new voices in the horror genre.

He was also a freelance contributor for his local newspaper in early 2020, covering topics ranging from features/human interest to county commissioner meetings.

If he isn’t reading, editing, or writing, he’s probably drinking beer and making his wife regret marrying a lunatic.

You can find out more about him at www.jondrashek.com.