Here at Plumfukt Press, we like doom and gloom. We like stories where protagonists don’t always win, or where the resolution is complicated and messy for the hero. We enjoy seeing villains deliver crippling deathblows to beloved characters, rendering them useless and pitiful. We love dark twists and turns that force the pit of the reader’s stomach into their groin until The End.

If the story especially dictates an unhappy—or at least atypical—ending or plot, then we’re all for it.


Plumfukt Press is looking to expand its catalog and usher in frightening new horror certain to leave readers convinced we’re all fucked. Plumb fucked.

We like it short and hardly sweet, so horror novellas and collections are what we seek. We’ll be selecting one of each for publication in 2022.

Submissions Open: August 1, 2021

Submissions Close: October 31, 2021

Publishing Timeline: 2022

INCLUSIVITY: Anyone and everyone is invited to submit. We at Plumfukt Press don’t care if you’ve been published 100 times or if you’ve never signed a contract before. We aren’t here to judge your race, ethnicity, gender or pronoun, physical or mental capabilities, sexual orientation, or religion. We don’t even really want to know much about you at first and are aiming for a blind submission process. We’ll get to know you later, after we read your story.

For guidelines, payment/rights, and to submit your work for consideration, please click on the corresponding link below. Bring us the horror!