THE RACK & CUE by David Owain Hughes is an epic two-part novel revolving around a pub in the middle of nowhere. With its seedy characters, sinister deeds, and From Dusk Till Dawn vibes, it’s a tale that’ll make you want to grab a pint and bust some balls—billiard balls, ya fuckin’ perv!

Fresh edits, fresh artwork, and a slightly different story—check out the cover below.

This original artwork, created by the inimitable Kevin Enhart, perfectly captures the overall essence of this wicked story and provides a stark image of the fictional pub’s swaying sign.

THE RACK & CUE will release in November 2022. Stay tuned for the official date and links!


Welcome to the Rack and Cue, a traditional pub handed down through the generations and set off a now beaten track.

When a hellish storm hits, closing most roads and barring their way home, travelers seek shelter at the Rack and Cue. Enticed by tasty beer and delicious homemade food from the owner, Porky, the weary outsiders mingle with the local patrons, bikers, and hustlers. The promise of a hefty cash prize also prompts them to join the yearly winner-takes-all pool tournament set to start that night.

But all is not as it seems. Losers of each round disappear and never return, and the competitors find they may be playing for their lives.

And as the tournament nears its close, chaos erupts, and vicious visitors with dark secrets come seeking vengeance.

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I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD . . . ONE INTESTINE AT A TIME by Douglas J. Ogurek, the founder of unsplatterpunk, is a collection of twelve stories that highlight how our society is fucked.

Plumb fucked.

Check out the cover below!

This unique artwork, created by the inimitable Kevin Enhart, contains images from the stories that perfectly capture the overall mood of this badass, gross, and gory yet uplifting collection.

I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD . . . ONE INTESTINE AT A TIME will release in late July 2022. Stay tuned for the official date and links!


Organs, excretions, and severed limbs play a bleeding role in Douglas J. Ogurek’s inaugural collection. These unabashedly over-the-top stories merge horror and bizarro elements while remaining true to the unsplatterpunk subgenre’s focus on a positive message.

Children inflict excruciating injuries on their eager parents. The two most revered distracters face off in a bowling match. The Ultraviolent Steroids League’s only female player pitches against the misogynistic brute responsible for her missing eye. Young men race to ejaculate while watching fictitious torture and murder scenes. A narcissistic businessman gets initiated into a secret society with a gruesome hobby. The Loch Ness Monster comes out of hiding in a ferocious display while a seductive woman convinces a corporate executive to desecrate his own body. A dolt gains intelligence and self-confidence when he discovers secret messages in his feces. Two Cliché Assassins, Inc. employees go on a dangerous and cliché-ridden mission.

As you peel and squelch your way through these vile contents, be prepared to lose your lunch and learn a lesson . . . one intestine at a time.

(Check out Douglas J. Ogurek’s website and follow him on Twitter!)

COVER REVEAL: Bits 'n' Pieces

Our next release has fuckin’ rad artwork that we want to show off.

Behold, the cover for Bits ‘n’ Pieces by Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, with art by Kevin Enhart!

And here’s the synopsis:


A horny serial killer realizes his own shallowness when he crosses the wrong stripper. When a souped-up unique Chevy Cavalier’s owner is threatened, the car develops plans of its own. A pizza delivery driver enacts immediate payback against a cheapskate who never tips. Two young siblings learn the difference between imagined horrors and real-world terror. An author’s mind cracks and he takes his rage out on those around him.

The impact of climate change. The ramifications of a second American civil war. Greed. Depression. Racism. Revenge.

These are only a few of the tales and topics covered in Bits ’n’ Pieces, Jonathan Edward Ondrashek’s first collection of horror shorts, drabbles, and dark poetry.

Heed the obligatory warning inside. Bits ’n’ Pieces may push boundaries and is not intended for the weak.

* 10 previously published short stories
* 2 new shorts not yet published elsewhere!
* 8 brand new drabbles (stories of exactly 100 words)
* 4 resurrected dark poems

Full cover wrap without text
Full cover wrap with text

Stay tuned – this bad motherfucker will be available by April 1!